Don't go to Sam's Club in south Lansing for healthy Fiber One Brownies
What are you praying for as your Saturday morning gets underway?

I remember when my son was shorter than me

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I'm actually kneeling in this picture at the airport. I'm not really that short.

I've been searching through digital pictures that we've taken over the past year to put in our Christmas newsletter and came across this one taken when we took our son Justin and his wife Lauren to the airport last week.  It seems like just yesterday when we'd stand in line at a fast food place where he would be in front of me and I'd have my hands on his shoulders.  I'd have to get on a ladder to do that now.

I hope to have our Christmas newsletter ready next week.  We will send the majority by email with some in snail mail.  How about you?  Send a Christmas newsletter?  Very many?  What do you write about?