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The lens implant in my right eye is back in place after emergency surgery

Leaving for the hospital to have lens implant in my eye put back in place

In a couple of hours, I'll be leaving for the hospital for an hour-and-a-half surgery to have a lens implant in my right eye put back in its right place.  After I woke-up yesterday, I noticed that I was seeing double and it didn't going away.

The same thing happened five years ago and was repaired by my ophthalmologist, Dr. Kevin Liu.  As a result, I had a hint that it was the same problem.

The lens implant was put in after I was diagnosed with cataracts about 12 years ago.  I had implants in both eyes.  The immediate result was amazing with my vision improving to the point where I almost didn't need eyeglasses after being severely nearsighted from the time I was in grade school.  

As a result of my nearsightedness, my eyeball changed shape and somehow altered the geometry of its interior which enables it to grip the new lens.  That's what is apparently causing the problem.

My surgeon today is Dr. Jospeh Wilhelm from the same Lansing Ophthalmology practice.  There are three scenarios of what could happen, all with varying degrees of complexity.  It's outpatient, but will require a general anesthetic.

Now, I go into this with a big smile on my face because of the birth of my granddaughter in eastern Europe last night our time and early this morning their time.  Her name is Gretchen Kate and joins big brother Xavier Dominick.  We are really proud of our super-daughter, Krista and our super-son-in-law Adam.

So, it's a busy weekend.  No eating or drinking this morning.  

I thank God for Gretchen Kate and her family and for ophthalmologists and particularly today, Dr. Wilhelm.


This is Cassie, the surgical coordinator from the office of my eye doctor.

Gladys took a big sip of Riesling to celebrate Grethcen's birth.