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My life as a baby-boomer glaucoma patient with associated eye challenges

My eye drop bottle collection
My eye drop bottle collection gained as a glaucoma patients

It all started more than a decade ago when I went to a routine optometrists appointment to check my vision and my eyeglasses.  The doctor shocked me when she said that I had cataracts.  As a person who

Latest addition to my eye drop routine

had just turned 55, I was sure that cataracts happened only to those who are really old.  I asked her to check again.

 She laughed and referred me to an opthalmologist who has been an important part of my life and key in helping me to keep my vision.  After the lens implant surgery, I almost didn't need glasses.  Since then I've gotten glaucoma and have been diagnosed and treated for a couple of nasty and hard to get rid of eye infections.

If you scroll back on the posts in this blog, you'll notice that the lens in my right eye moved and it had to be adjusted surgically.  It happened about five years before that.  I've read where that happens, but it's a rarity.

My life centers around eyedrops.  It's a painless way to treat the disease and, so far, it has been effective.  I know that I have to be attentive to taking them.  And I am.  

Check the photo above for a picture of some of the eyedrop bottles I have saved over the past few years.