Visiting Michigan Capitol building with my daughter-in-law and son
Getting ready for Thanksgiving Day requires a cup of pumpkin spice coffee and a thawed out turkey

My wife and son made broccoli come alive with salt, pepper, olive oil with broiling in the oven


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Our son Justin spent lots of time in the kitchen with my wife and loved it.  He would pull up a chair and stand on it at the kitchen counter in our old house.  He watched and imagined what my wife was doing with food and how he could improve it.

He's now 28 and still loves to cook, but his tastes have become more varied and complex.  While home for Thanksgiving, took our head of broccoli and turned it from a potentially bland vegetable to a delight that keeps you coming back for one more.

Here's what he did:  Got a cookie sheet, laid out the broccoli pieces, sprinkled salt and pepper on them along with some olive oil and then popped them into the broiler for about 4 minutes.  What came out was a smiler producer and taste satisfier.