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Super-wife is getting ready to play on the Solitare Blitz professional circuit

Do you play any of the many Facebook games?  My wife has played Scrabble online with her sister and a variety of others that are on the social networking site.  The two of us along with my wife's big sister regularly play and compete against each other in Solitare Blitz and Bejeweled.  

My excuse is that the games are a visual exercise that can positively exercise my aging thinking capacity.  

Now my wife and I were sitting across from each other in the living room when she showed me her Solitare Blitz score.  It was way north of 600,000.  That's big time numbers for this game.  She's surpassed her sister's score by a few times.  I'm not in the same league with mine.

Too bad there is a pro Solitare Blitz circuit.  

Has anybody seen higher scores?