We heard our granddaughter cry all the way from Bosnia
What would Barry Goldwater have said about the U.S. presidential campaign for 2012?

Thank-you God for my grandson Xavier and my granddaughter Gretchen

As we move into Thanksgiving next week, what and who are you thankful for?  I need to remind myself of everything and everybody I've been given.  

What a privilege and a gift to be part of a family!  

Our's started with my wife and me.  It's now eight with the most recent members being our granddaughter Gretchen and grandson Xavier.  

If I still had a resume, I could point to a bunch of neat jobs and experiences that I've had, but one of the best is being a grandpa.  I want my grandkids to know me.  Everytime they look in the mirror, they will have a reminder of me.  Their chins come in two parts.  It's a dimple.

I thank God for them, their parents and for Face Time on our Apple lap tops which allows us to visit and for our visit to their home in Bosnia earlier this year.

Here's two shots from last Sundays Face Time visit: