Leaving for the hospital to have lens implant in my eye put back in place
My grandson meets his baby-sister in Bosnia

The lens implant in my right eye is back in place after emergency surgery

My eyes have lens implants as a result of cataract surgery more than 10 years ago.  The lens in my right eye moved out of place about five years ago.  It happened again on Friday when I started seeing double.

When I first noticed this change in my vision, my gut reaction was that it would go away and it didn't.  As the morning wore on, the double images became more pronounced.  When my wife handed me a cup of coffee.  I wasn't sure if the real one was on the top or bottom.

I got in to my ophthalmology practice and the doctor said that the errant lens needed to be put back in place.  He offered to do it that night, but timing with the hospital couldn't be worked out, so it was done yesterday.

All the possibilites for outcomes were explained to me with the first and preferred one being a turning of the lens to reestablish it in the right location.  The third and most extreme would require draining the vitreous fluid from the eye and grabbling pieces of the lens and then rebuilding from that point.

The first and best choice is what happened.  I was put under a general anesthetic and within 20 minutes it was back in place.

In a few minutes, I get it checked out.  There's a bunch of new eyedrops and then, hopefully, its back to normal.

Thank God for my eye doctor, the hospital and, especially, for my wife who kept an eye on me and everything else.

And, yes, the last thing I talked about in the OR before it was lights out was my new granddaughter Gretchen Kate who was born yesterday in Bosnia.

Eye patch is off today and I seem to be seeing well or is it good.