Take a magic palate ride with this desert made with pistachios and sliced bananas
Looking at the world from my eaves troughs

This is the view from my chair in the ophthalmologist's office

This is my iPhone 3 picture from my seat at Lansing Ophthalmology.
This is my view from one of my usual seats at Lansing Ophthalmology.

My ophthalmologist and his practice are a really important part of my team.  I was diagnosed with cataracts at a young age and had two lens implants about 12 years ago.  Because of extreme nearsightedness, the shape of my eye changed.  This led to one the lens losing its grip and coming lose. I saw double.  The surgery to put it back into place was successful and to sure it stays in place and stays healthy, my eye doctor has seen me frequently since the surgery.  Dr. Liu and his associates are on my Thanksgiving list.  They are really important to me.