Shopping for fine noodles at Meijers on the day after Black Friday
Does anybody understand the tire pressure sensors in my almost four-year-old Honda Civic?

What I'm reading before going to church

My sermon notes
I'm re-reading my sermon notes from last week.  It's important for me to remember what I learned last week at Ada Bible Church.
It's a few minutes before 8 a.m. on Sunday and I'm doing some web reading before hitting the shower and then church.  We don't get a newspaper delivered to our front door anymore, so getting news in our baby-boomer home is done either with the television or the web.  And for us, it's usually the latter.
This morning, here's what I've read:
  1. Daily Bread devotion  from Radio Bible Class for today, Nov. 25, 2012.  The focus point for today's devotion is fear and one verse, Psalm 56:3.  There's better than even chance that I might face some kind of fear this week.  How about you?
  2. Three reasons to be thankful by Will Graham, the grandson of Billy Graham and son of Franklin Graham.  He writes about why salvation is such an important issue and not to be tucked away in the back of some mental drawer.
  3. The hip twenty-somethings are flocking to Martha Stewart and her penchant for good handmade stuff in the New York Times story today.  This is relevant to me because of my daughter-in-law who is CEO of a start-up that ships hip and quality handmade stuff around the country from
  4. An auto engineer in the Detroit-area helps his kids move from hating math to loving it, according to this Detroit News story.  He took the time to be involved with their learning.  The result is a series of math textbooks that he wrote.  Great story.