Getting my tank filled with hope before going to church on this Sunday morning
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood on this Wednesday morning in Lansing, Michigan

A short note to my granddaughter on her one month birthday

My very special granddaugther Gretchen Kate, one month old today 

Dear Gretchen,

Let me introduce myself.  I'm your Grandpa Thorp, your mother's father.  Today's your first month birthday and I wanted to let you know that your Grandma Thorp and I are thinking of you.

When we first met you were pretty young, actually you were pre-born.  Your mom was pregnant with you when we came to visit your family where you live in Bosnia.  

While you were still inside your mom, we went through two countries, Croatia and Hungary.  We even walked besides, across and rode on a famous river, the Danube.

I was standing in line at a Walgreens Drug Store in Lansing when I got a call on my cellphone from your dad that your mom was going to the hospital to have you.  I was waiting to get some special eyedrops when your dad said it was close to the time for you to be born.  

When everybody at the drugstore saw the big smile on my face and when they learned that it was because of you, they almost cheered.  They certainly smiled.

Then we got another call from your dad that you were here and that your name was Gretchen Kate. Grandma and I could not stop talking about our special granddaughter born on a special day.

That was one month ago today.  We are excited about seeing you next month and about seeing your brother Xavier.  

You are a special person, a winner.  Always remember who you are.  You are a special daughter of God.  You are one of a kind.  I am anxious to hold you and look into your eyes and talk to you face to face.  That will happen soon.

When you're old enough to read this, give your brother a hug for me.

See you soon.

Grandpa Thorp