A short note to my granddaughter on her one month birthday
Our Christmas Newsletter for 2012--New granddaughter and his and her tattoos

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood on this Wednesday morning in Lansing, Michigan

I love having a phone with a decent camera.  My iPhone 3 is always in my pocket, as it was this morning when I took the recyling to the curb and then took a shot from our kitchen of a blue-jay on our back deck.  The sun's out here and the temperature is decent and the blue jays have lit up the neighborhood with sound.


Yay, the sun's out here in mid-Michigan.
This is how it looked this morning when I took recycling to the curb.


This is part of our restaurant for birds.
We love feeding the birds. There are times when the birds are so varied and so active that we are glued to looking out this window.