A little something for big brothers with little sisters
Getting my tank filled with hope before going to church on this Sunday morning

Tonight's supper of Pasta Prima Butternut Squash Ravioli and St. Julian Catawba Wine

I could easily dream about our supper tonight of Pasta Prima butternut squash ravioli and St. Julian Catawba wine.  It was perfect for eating supper on our couch as we watched the Hallmark Channel and it's Christmas marathon.

It's garden fresh squash prepared in a pasta shell served on the first day of December.  It worked. The wine complemented the squash taste and made a feast for two.  Loved it.  This is how it looked through the lens of my camera on my iPhone 3.  


This great dish with a good wine, perfect for a Saturday night.



Getting ready to eat it on a lapdesk we bought at Ikea in Budapest.