My granddaughter says "Merry Christmas" without using the words
Do you need a reminder today of God's faithfulness?

We may be starting a new tradition with our Saturday night house church

This is the third Saturday where we've eaten supper in front of the computer while we watched a live service from our church.  It our own litte house church with just the two of us attending.

The service is broadcast live from Ada Bible Church just east of Grand Rapids and goes from the beginning to the end.  There's the worship songs and the teaching with various other items intermingled.

Why do we do church twice?  Same service with the same songs and sermon.  We see it as preparation for the in-person service tomorrow.  Tonight, I took notes about the song and about the sermon.

I feel excited about going tomorrow.  I have some time between tonight and the time of the service tomorrow to think about the service and what's going to be said and sung.  

My relationship with God needs to be closer.  I'm excited to have God help that along.  I need to get rid of the life distractions for tomorrow's service.  This helps.  We will be ready.