Our Christmas Newsletter for 2012--New granddaughter and his and her tattoos
My granddaughter says "Merry Christmas" without using the words

We spent part of this morning with our grandson and granddaughter in Bosnia

I love visiting with my family--our kids, their spouses and our two grandkids.  And, today we had a great visit with our grandson Xavier and granddaughter Gretchen and their parents.

My face lit up and my heart thumped in a happy beat when Face Time opened on my computer and it said my daughter was calling from Bosnia and then I saw it.  There was my granddaughter laying on her dad's stomach with her head bobbing up and down.

Then I saw my daughter with our grandson with a big smile and who was filled with lots of conversation.  

My wife and I loved it.  What a great present.  We caught up about their family, their daily life and their friends that we met when we stayed our kids in Eastern Europe.

Just a note to baby-boomers with kids far away:  Don't be afraid to try a video visit.  It's pretty simple.  And it's worth it.  Here are a couple of photos:


This picture brings a big smile to my face. This is from our Face Time visit this morning.


This is our granddaughter, a beauty, just like her mom.


He's graduating from being a toddler to a little boy. I love the way he says, "Grandpa."

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