We may be starting a new tradition with our Saturday night house church
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Do you need a reminder today of God's faithfulness?

It's before 7 a.m. in the middle of the week and I added something new to my collection of vision challenges-migraines.  It's the variety where I don't have the severe headache pain, but my vision goes through short periods of momentary fuzziness.

When this started over the weekend, I could feel my gut tighten up, not knowing where it would stop and not knowing how this would affect my daily life.  

Everything seems back to normal and God-willing, it will stay that way, but what about the future.  I ran into a Sara Groves song this morning that's a potent reminder that God is faithful.  His hand is in mine.  Do you need a reminder today?  Check out this YouTube video.

By the way, I was tipped off to this song, by our church's daily Beyond The Weekend devotions which reinforce the previous Sunday's sermon.  Thanks to Ada Bible Church for doing this.  I needed to hear it this morning.