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Reading the news: Another shooting on Lansing's southside overnight

Reading the news: A plan to downsize and reshape the city of Detroit

This is part of my effort to stay informed about what's happening in my city, state and around the country.  I know that I need to be aware of what's happening in the world.  It seems like there's an over abundance of information.  Nevertheless, here's an item from my reading this morning:

  • Detroit Free Press story about the Detroit Works Long-Term Planning report which looks at how the city can be reshaped to make it more livable. 

It involves the resettlement of wide-areas of people and the creation of farms and orchards inside the city.  A total redesign is the target to deal with the vast stretches of the city that are vacant.  It aimes to provide a way to make the city more manageable.

Are there other cities that have undergone the same kind of transformation?  In this country and outside?  How do the residents of the area react?  How long does it take?