I got my "family patriarch" membership card at a beach house in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
Would this be a good cover shot for my book of letters to my grandson?

How am I going to handle my first real brush with fear as a senior citizen?

This is where I lost my MRI virginity
My Thursday night date with Gladys was at Sparrow Hospital getting a MRI

I've had eye and vision struggles for a while.  I have zipped through cataracts and glaucoma, blepharitis and menobianitis and an artificial lens in my right eye that moved.

Last week at Sam's Club where I routinely walk through the wine section, I picked up a bottle to read the label.  It was fuzzy.  I closed my left eye and there was virtually nothing there.  I closed my right eye and with an open left eye it was perfect.

One of the tests this week has included an MRI to see if anything is going on in my head.  There is a concern that it might be a blood flow issue.  It could be something else like a mass.

Do I have any fears about losing my sight or having it reduced greatly.  YES.  How am I managing that? I feel the need to share that journey as the medical types try to find a resolution.

Do I feel like God is in control?  YES.  But, it's hard to grab onto that reality through the eyes of faith.  

This won't be the last I'll talk about this in this space.  I know this is going to be a journey.  

The MRI?  Incredibly loud.  Felt like some kind of sound torture on Homeland.  But that's the way for them to find out what's going on.  I'm all for it.

Stay tuned.