Getting ready to start the day at the hospital
My eyes are starting to feel normal tonight with both lenses working

My eye surgery lasted two-and-a-quarter hours today

For the past two weeks my vision has been greatly diminished by the lens in my right eye that was floating loose.  In the process, I stopped driving and was careful when walking in public.

Today, I had srugery to correct that.  My eye surgeon spent two-and-a-quarter hours draining the vitreous fluid from the eye, fishing the bad lens out of that eye, putting the new one in and then refilling it with saline solution.  

I woke up not remembering anything beyond the pre-op section of the hospital and waking the in the recovering room.

The test comes tomorrow when I go back to my doctor to have him remove the patch over my eye.  The prayers and best wishes of a lot of people were momentous.  More tomorrow.

The cover comes off tomorrow.