My eye surgery lasted two-and-a-quarter hours today
This video is for my son-in-law Adam Jones to watch when his daughter gets married

My eyes are starting to feel normal tonight with both lenses working

I started noticing it around supper time tonight that I could read something and not have it go blurry on me within a few seconds.  I can read uninterrupted which is not something I've experienced in the past few weeks.

The unveiling of my right eye took place around 8:30 a.m. with my eye looking like I had just been through a big fist fight after a night to drinking hard whiskey.  It felt very scratchy and it was hard to keep open.  That feeling stayed with me most of the day.

Then after napping on the couch most of the day, I booted up my computer and could read everything. My vision is not perfect, but my doctor said it may improve after the swelling goes down.  

He shared with me everything he did in my eye and I'm impressed and thankful.  I have an appointment tomorrow and will probably have several more to ensure that it's healing properly.

My doctor marked my eye with his initials before the surgery.


This is the screen we saw in the surgical waiting room with the screen showing the surgeries for the morning.


Super-wife waiting for me to be taken into the pre-op section.


They actually had fruit for people to eat with their coffee.