They won't cut out the tumor in my brain
I'll also take this smile with me when I go into the operating room

Some thoughts as I get ready for eye surgery tomorrow morning

Tomorrow morning, Gladys and I go to the hospital for the surgery to have my right eye fixed.  The lens in that eye is floating in the vitreous fluid and is non-functional.

When we were at Sam's Club yesterday, it felt like my vision had gotten much worse.  It was like living in a movie where things are out of focus as you pass through them.  My doctor will drain the fluid out of the eye, fish out the lens, put a special new one in and fill it up with new fluid.  This is all outpatient.

The tumor in my brain is non-threatening, according to the doctors.  It will be monitored to see if it changes.

What have I learned from all this?  Yeah, I've learned a ton about being an informed healthcare consumer.  Have I been scared about the possibility of losing my eyesight.  I have.  However, it looks like I won't be dealing with that issue right now.

One of the things that grabbed my attention during one of my several doctor visits was everything that I've used my eyes to see if my lifetime.  I put as many as I could think of on my iPad while sitting in a waiting room.  The list is long.  

Right now, one that's right at the top of my memory is our recent family vacation in North Carolina where we had plenty of opportunity to use our grandparent muscles.  I loved watching Gladys and my grandson do fingerpainting with chocolate pudding.  The smile on their faces made an indelible impression that I'll always remember regardless of my eyesight.  Here are some pictures of that:



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