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My wife can blow snow with the best using our Honda HS520AS

STATUS REPORT: I'm having trouble getting used to having vision in only one eye

It's been more than a week since I had a vitrectomy on my right eye.  I've gone through short phases where it felt like I could see through both eyes really well.  That usually lasted a couple of hours.  Then came the pain and loss of vision.

I could feel the squirrels inside my head throwing spears through my right eyeball.  The pain was excruciating and non-stop.  

My eye doctor has been gracious in seeing me just about everyday while my eye presurre in my right eye has zoomed up.  He explained that the layers of my eye were separating and to put them back together, he put a contact lens bandaid.  Oh yah, he manually released fluid from my eye two or three times.

He says, it's healing.  The "defect" or the area where he made the incision was getting smaller and was creating new cells.  It's a waiting game, he said, where I do my eye drops.  I've been taking Vicodin prescribed for after the surgery.  It has helped.

What else?  Gladys' back seized up on her. We've got out all the heating pads and the cold packs, pillows and the super-duper aspirin.  She's driving me to the eye doctor today.

She's been a rock through all this.  But rocks wilt under a lot of stress.  I feel guilty for asking this, but please continue to pray for us.  We will make it, but we still need the prayers.  What are your prayer requests.  Maybe we can swap.  Here are some pictures of the past week:


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Gladys has been with me at every appointment. She's made it through a couple of Kindle books.