Would this be a good cover shot for my book of letters to my grandson?
I found my song for this week--Be Thou My Vision--sung by Jars of Clay

The pastor asked, "How much time do you have left on this earth?"

We go to the same church service twice, once at home on Saturday night and then on Sunday.

We have our own little house church on Saturday nights, where we eat supper and watch the service from Ada Bible Church live on our computer sitting on the table.

We've done this more than a month and we love it.  We are prepared for Sunday morning and we have a chance to talk about the sermon before we walk into church to hear it again.  The teaching this weekend is about living a resilient life where you bounce back from some kind of experience that takes recovery.

 The sermon this weekend is based on 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 where the Apostle Paul writes to the believers there about how anxious he is to go be with Jesus.  His body was wearing out and he shares about the world to come after death.

Paul reinforces the point that this life doesn't always go well.  There will be groaning.  It could be health, job or relationships.  

It's the next life that we need to be living for.  Is the next life all about living in robes and standing on puffy clouds.  Our pastor quoted a booklet about heaven by Randy Alcorn where he said what heaven is not.  And he raised the point that there are certain things that we enjoy down here and there's no reason that we can't enjoy them here.

I'm anxious to hear it again.  It's particularly relevant to me right now as I face the uncertianty about my eyesight and anything else that may be affecting it.

I know that in the next life I will be living with Jesus.  However, until that day comes I plan to live for him in this life.  I want to serve him.