I'm putting together my list of questions to use when they call me about eye test results
I could really go for eating a chocolate cupcake with my grandson

There's a mass in my head that's affecting the vision in my right eye

After a little pushing, I got a call today from my ophthamologist's office about the loss of vision in my right eye.  I have a mass in my head that shouldn't be there and I have descreased bloodflow to that eye.  My optic nerve has also taken some hits.

My next step is to go to a neuro-ophthalmologist at MSU to get the "so what" of all this and to learn how it can be treated.

I'm trying to process all this and to get my heart anchored in the right position.  I've been listening to all of my pastor's sermons and how God will see you through tunnels of darkness to the light.  I feel I have more to do, but that's God's call.  

My plan is to blog about this whole experience.  Lots of people get sick, including baby-boomers my age.  My glass of Great Lakes Red is almost empty which means that it's time to get on with stuff.  


My front line.
As I journey through this tunnel, I have two great guys, along with their wives, blocking for me along the way, my son Justin (left) and my son-in-law Adam.