I found my song for this week--Be Thou My Vision--sung by Jars of Clay
I use this picture of my family to start my "thank-you God" list

Waiting for word about my eyes and what's wrong with them

Right now, the vision in my right eye is just a bunch of fuzz

Lots of older baby-boomers are experiencing some really serious health problems.  You name one and a good number of people are struggling with all aspects of a health challenge.

As a member of the first class of baby-boomers, I realize that what I'm experiencing is nothing compared to what others are dealing with.  I'm not complaining, just sharing with the hope that we can learn from each other.

My right eye has been fuzzy since Thursday afternoon since I tried to read a wine bottle label at Sam's Club on the southside of Lansing.  Just for fun, I closed my left eye and read absolutely nothing with my right.  There was nothing there, just fuzz.

I've been through a bunch of tests, including an MRI.  I'm waiting to schedule one for my carotid artery.

I'm waiting for the results on the birth battery of tests.  That's probably the hardest part.  

Do I have any fear about this?  Yes.  I'm turning to Psalm 34:4 for help.  "I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears."  

However, I still feel something inside of me saying that I have a good reason to be afraid.  Then I throw Psalm 34:4 at that voice.