My wife can blow snow with the best using our Honda HS520AS
My notes from a week after my retina detachment surgery

How resilient will I be in bouncing back from a detached retina?


Super-wife is really helping me move through this.


Sitting on the throne this morning waiting for the doctor.

 Anybody who has followed the saga of my right eye on this blog will know the difficulties I've had during the past month where the lens came completely loose from its moorings and fell to the bottom of the eye cavity.

It has been a long month.  My wife and I were regulars at my ophthalmologist who I'd see as often as daily and occasionally I'd see somebody with even more specialized credentials.  

I went through long bouts of really poor sight and pain where I felt like demons were behind my eye shooting mini spear guns.  And all the time I took a variety of eye drops and other eye meds.

Yesterday, my cornea specialist was ready to sign off on me because of progress with my vision and with my pain.  I was ready to dance and sign going down the street in our neighborhood.  This chapter seemed to be coming to a conclusing.

Then I went to my retina specialst who said I had retinal detachment in my right eye and needed to be taken care off right away as in tomorrow.  As I was trying to work my way through the shock, I heard the word air bubble and that they would put one permanently in my troubled eye.

The recovery period can be long and it sounds uncomfortable.

But, my thoughts keep going back to a sermon series that we had at Ada Bible Church on The Resilient Life where lessons from the Bible were studied on how to deal with times in life when you get slapped down.  How do you get back up?  What do you do with you situation?  How can I use it?  Can I get back up?

I'm trusting that God has a plan with this and that I will resume my platform here in the near future.