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My two-year-old grandson in Bosnia finds gold with his basketball bracket choices

I love watching this video of my son-in-law and grandson work through his basketball bracket choices. He's two-years-old and probably has a basic understanding of the NCAA tournament.

Nevertheless, the two of them took time while sitting on their couch in Bosnia to sitdown and go through each slot on the bracket.  My son-in-law presents two choices and my grandson picks one.

The cool thing is that my son-in-law asks his son's opinion on each one.  They are having fun and are doing it together.  My son-in-law is giving him something more valuable than gold bars.  Big time deposits are being made in his account where he knows that he's important to his dad.  The fruit of that will continue being harvested year-after-year.

This video gives you a taste of that experience.

Xavier and adam
My grandson and his dad are ready for the NCAA tournament.