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I've got all day to think about what Dr. Joe Stowell told me this morning

I first heard Joe Stowell at a Promise Keepers rally.
I first heard Dr. Joe Stowell at a Promise Keepers rally several years ago.
It sounds like something that you would hear said in church that you would nod your head to and then forget.  My thoughts would be distracted as soon as I walk outside the church door.


That seemed to be my reaction this morning when I read the Our Daily Bread devotion by Dr. Joe Stowell.  Reading it online, I kept thinking that it's easy for a pastor to say that, but it's another thing in real life.

He opened by talking about times when he has been dehydrated from not drinking enough water. His body went through a physical wringer.  Then he mentions John 7:37 where Jesus says that those who are thirsty should come to him and drink.

Okay, so what does that mean to me sitting here in my living room in mid-Michigan?  

Without Jesus, I get spiritually dehydrated and life gets difficult and sometimes impossible.  I need to go to him and make him part of everything in my day.

What does that look like for the average guy?  I've got today to think about that.