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Justin writes about his visit to Gordon Ramsey's BurGR in Las Vegas


My son and his wife trying a new burger place in Las Vegas.
Justin and Lauren ate at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant the other night.

 My son Justin and his wife Lauren live and work in Las Vegas where they enjoy trying new restaurants. This week it was Chef Gordon Ramsay's BurGR.  He writes a great description of the experience on his blog.  He also took some pictures.

What do you think?  They probably don't post nutrition information for their super-duper hamburgs.  Weight Watchers out there, take a look at the burger picture, how many points would you guess?  

It sounds like they had a great time, but had some annoyances like parking and waiting to get a table.

Anybody out there been to this burger place?  Anybody see Ramsay?