Visiting our son, Justin and his wife, Lauren in Las Vegas
Some of the links we brought back from visiting Justin and Lauren in Las Vegas

My personal blog--Daily Grit--is in the process of moving to

DailygritThis blog--Daily Grit--is almost nine years old and is a place where I have shared more than 2,500 posts about whatever was on my mind at that particular point.  From its beginning, this blog has been on the platform which was an early pioneer for those looking for a place to blog.

The time has come to change to a platform that can help take my repository of my thoughts to a higher level.  My son, Justin, is helping to change it to  However, if you go to, you find that it has an unfinished look.  We are not done.

To get the latest, greatest in my life, go to and you will see the blog in its usual format.  

Because of the blog's length, we ran into some challenges.  We will work it out and then have a grand opening for the new look.  Until then, again go to