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Some of the links we brought back from visiting Justin and Lauren in Las Vegas


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Along with two mugs from Starbucks in Las Vegas, we brought back a bunch of links to websites that provide an online tour of what we did, saw and learned.

We spent a week there visiting our son, Justin and his wife, Lauren.  Nothing could beat the time we had just drinking coffee together and talking.  Those chats provided a context for what we did and saw.

Helping to fill in spaces and helping us share what we saw are websites that explain their everyday life in a city that evokes one word when a lot of people think about it--sin.  

You name it and it happens in Las Vegas, a lot of people think.  A lot of that is justified, I'm sure, but it's probably no worse than a lot of cities.  They are just more open about it.

Before I post about specific points of our trip, here are some of the links:

  • Destiny Church-Las Vegas--this is their church.  It's a storefront, well away from the strip.  It has a strong  evangelical bent and a serving mentality.  We were impressed.
  • Downtown Project--this is the effort that both Justin and Lauren are involved with.  This is the downtown and not the strip.  It was getting rough around the edges, then Tony Hseih, CEO, of Zappos started having a vision for the area.  And he's implementing it with more than $300 million of his own money.  This is worth a look.
  • Umba Box--this is my daughter-in-law's company.  It's a start-up on the rise nationally and is a part of the tech-ward focus of the Downtown Project.  It all started with her vision for sharing her love of handmade products for women.
  • Honey Salt Restaurant--this is where we took them on Sunday for a belated celebration of Justin's birthday.  They both love to try different dishes and both enjoy cooking.  This was a great place that pushed local foodstuffs prepared in a more healthy way.
  • Red Rock Canyon--we drove through this and we were both left with our mouths open.  It's a "wow experience" from beginning to end.  The colored rock formations made this a special experience.  You could sense the hand of the Creator.
  • Tech Cocktail--this is where Justin works as the national community manager.  It's a keyplayer in the Downtown Project and is a big player in bringing the start-up communities together around the country. 
  • Pawn Stars shop--we confess that we are fans of this show on the History Channel.  We went to their shop and walked through.  There was a steady stream of visitors with bus loads of people stopping to see Rick, Corey, Chumlee and the Grandpa.