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Visiting our son, Justin and his wife, Lauren in Las Vegas


We are learning that there's more to Las Vegas than blackjack dealers and strippers.  With our son, Justin and his wife, Lauren, we are seeing a city that's multilayered with neighborhoods and activities.
The two of them moved to this southwest city to be part of the redevelopment of the downtown which is separate from the Strip.  New life is being breathed into what had been a rundown area.  
Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, is leading the change with a vision that's giving new life to an area that was on the verge of being given last rights.  It's coming back to live.
Our Las Vegas kids have gotten us a birds-eye view of what's taking place with a special tour.  We have eaten at some of their favorite restaurants.  We toured the Fremont area which includes some of the older casinos like Binions and the Golden Nugget.  Then there was the Hoover Dam and today, the Red Rock Canyon.
I just wanted to post a few pictures for friends so they can see our son and his wife and get a visual of the next chapter in their lives.  I will post more.
Our son and his wife.
They showed us Hoover Dam and Lake Mead yesterday. What a marvel of engineering.


My wife and I at Hoover Dam with our Las Vegas kids.
Here's another view of Hoover Dam that super-wife and I saw yesterday.

Our son without a beard.
Beardless Justin and his wife Lauren took us on a hotel-casino tour. Really enjoyed the Venetian.

At the slot machines.
Super-wife spent just one buck on the slots. She didn't win.




Eating strawberries at the Venetian.
Justin and Lauren treated us to Chocolate covered strawberries at the Venetian.

Cleaning the pool.
Justin's cleaning their pool after a bad storm Friday night.

We pose at the Venetian.
We pose at the Venietian. What a place?

Making tacos at home.
The kids make really healthy and tasty tacos in their kitchen one night.




Returning after a dog walk.
Their dogs wait their turn to go in the house after a walk.

On a morning dog walk.
Their dogs wait at each intersection during a morning walk.