Getting reacquainted with Mac Powell and Third Day on a Wednesday morning in mid-Michigan
How much longer before the death of the daily newspaper in Michigan's State Capital city?

Can I hear God's voice here in Lansing, Michigan on a Thursday morning?


Have you ever heard God's voice talking to you?  

How closely did you have to listen?

I'm listening for his voice as I get ready for another birthday.  As a member of the first class of baby-boomers, I turn 67 years-old in a couple of weeks.  As I move into this next chapter of my life, I want to make sure that I'm listening for his guidance on the rest of my life.  Am I doing what he wants me to do?

As a retiree, it's easy to get distracted by a lot of interesting stuff, a lot that can be described as good.  But, am I following Jesus and what he wants me to do?

My church--Ada Bible Church--emails everyday a short Bible study to extend personal thinking and talk about the previous Sunday's sermon.  Today, it said:

Think of your life. Are you really interested in following Jesus? Have you held anything back from him? If you have, how well are you really following him?

Remember, following Jesus doesn't necessarily involve earthly riches or self-advancement--it may lead to suffering. We're called to place our whole lives at Christ's disposal. 

Then, it linked to this YouTube video by Francis Chan on listening for the Holy Spirit.  He's the author of Crazy Love and other books.