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Glaucoma patients: Check out this method for putting in eyedrops from Dr. Robert Ritch

Do you or somebody in your family take eyedrops everyday for glaucoma, a disease where high eye pressure can lead to blindness?

Right now, I have three different drops that I take everyday to maintain a healthy eye pressure.  My visual future depends on me taking these medications.  This means that over the years I have had to learn how to instill the drops in a way that ensures their effectiveness.

It's easy to squeeze the eyedrop bottle and have them hit an eyelid or some other area where their effectiveness is diminished or lost completely.  My ophthalmologhist who diagnosed me never showed me how to do it.  I was handed the prescriptions and told to start using them.

That changed with a glaucoma specialist I started seeing this spring who at the first exam had me watch this video showing an easy method for doing this and for making sure that you hit the target.

I invite those who take these types of meds to watch this.  

  1. How does it compare to what you're doing now?  
  2. Have you felt confident that your drops are getting where they are supposed to go?  
  3. Did your doctor ever show you how to do it?