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#2--Letter to my grandson about growing a beard, sports and other stuff

#1--Letter to my grandson about his dad, mom and other family members


My grandson and son-in-law haul wood.
My grandson and his dad working together to haul wood into their house to keep it warm during the winter.

Dear Xavier,

I love looking at this picture of you and your dad working to haul wood into your house to burn this winter when it gets cold.  I've watched you and your dad closely for a long time, from a couple of hours after you were born to now and I can say one thing with certainty.

Really need to remember this
He really loves you.  I know that he see you as a gift from God to your mom and him.  To him, you are a winner.  He loves doing things for you, spending time with you, talking to you, as well as listening.  Your dad has an ear-to-ear smile whenever he talks about you.
My grandson and I spend time together.
We have a grandpa and grandson talk before he goes to bed.
So, keep doing what you and he are doing everyday.  Spend time together.  The time you spend with him where it's just the two of you are really special.  Dads are really important. You will appreciate that more and more as you get older.
There's so much you can learn from him.  Ask him questions about anything.  You love trucks and big machines.  Ask him.  
There are all kinds of sports. Ask him about them.  
Your dad loves football and basketball and I know he really likes soccer.
Right after you were born, the World Cup was on the television in the birthing suite. He was kind of watching the games, but the smiles were because of you.
Your mom and your sister
I'm not forgetting your mom, my daughter.  She's really important to you, as well as your
sister Gretchen.  Mothers really play a vital role in the life of a young guy like you.  In your
Your mom, Pooh Bear and Uncle Justin.
This is your mom and your Uncle Justin when they were about the ages of you and Gretchen. I can't forget Pooh Bear in the middle.
mom's heart, I know there's a special place for you and it's filled with a love that can only come from a mother.  She knows you are a winner.  
You can learn lots from her too.  You can learn about everyday stuff like how to pick out a shirt and pair of pants that match.  There's so much more.  This list is long, from cooking to relationships to loving God.
Those are the two key people in your life.  There's one more and that's your sister.  As her big brother, you've been put in a special position to love her in a way that Jesus loves you.
I can't forget the other people in your life who love you and who can go to for everything from advice on whether to buy an iPhone or Android to finding your purpose in life.
Four grandparents and others
A family picture
Your family on your mom's side.
You have four grandparents in your life and they all love you with that special love that can only come from a grandparent.  
I'm your mother's dad which makes me your maternal grandfather.  I was there when your mom was born, as I was for your Uncle Justin.  I like drinking diet Pepsi.  I like Macintosh computers.  I have an iPhone and an iPad Mini.  I almost forget to mention that I like drinking coffee while sitting around a table talking with others.
I need to mention your aunts and uncles and your cousins.  In that group, I know your Uncle Justin the best.  He's my son and a super-loving guy.  I'm really proud of him and how he lives his life.  Your Aunt Lauren is the same way.  Get to know them.  Call them. Let them know what you're doing and ask about what they are doing.  
Ask your mom and dad if you can FaceTime on their computer with them and with your Aunt Abby and Uncle Kevin.  They have a daughter, Emma,  and another who will be born this fall.
You need to know that you are special in the eyes of lots of people.  You are important to all of us.
I love you, 
Grandpa Thorp