#5--Letter to my grandson about big trucks, gravel boats and my Bay City home
#7--Letter to my grandson about my favorite television show and about Veggie Tales

#6--Letter to my grandson about important days, including walking his mom down the aisle


Me, your mom, the aisle
It was a big day when your mom and dad got married. I walked your mom down the aisle and gave her away to your dad.

Dear Xavier,

 You are going to have a lot of important days in your life.  So far, there's been the birth of your sister Gretchen.  What about your visit last week to Legoland in Germany.  You got a really cool bike for your birthday.

 There will be plenty more as you get older.  Ask your mom and dad about the important days in their lives.  I already know what some of them will be.

 When they got married

I was there for at least a couple of them.  One was when your mom and dad got married and I walked

Your sister is born.
Do you remember the day your sister was born? Didn't you go to the hospital to see her?
your mom down the aisle.  That was a highpoint in my life.  Another was the day that you were born.  


 In my life there have been many others, especially the day I married your grandma.  The day that your mom was born, as well as the day your Uncle Justin was born and the doctor asked me to cut his umbilical cord. Another big one for me was being the Best Man at your Uncle Justin's wedding.  These are all extra special times.

Let me tell you about walking your mom down the aisle.  It's a custom at weddings that the dad of the bride walk his daughter down the aisle to the altar where the groom is waiting.  It's symbolic of the bride leaving the family she grew up with to start a new family with husband.

 She was super-pumpkin

Your mom was always extra special to me.  I called her pumpkin and then super-pumpkin.  As a baby, she would often come to my office in the pressroom at the State Capitol.  Grandma would leave her with me.  In my office, I had a whole wall of pictures of her during her first year of life.

 She got older and then she met your dad.  They dated and then got engaged.  There was a rehearsal the day before the wedding.  Everybody in the wedding party practiced their parts.

 Walking her down the aisle

When it came time for her to grab my arm to make the long walk to give her away, I couldn't look at her.  It was an emotional moment.  If I had looked in her eyes, she would have noticed the tears in mine.

 The next day, at the wedding, I realized that my little girl, my super-pumpkin had a new main man in her life, your dad.  

 I hope that you can walk your daughter down the aisle someday.  It's a major life moment.  But when that time comes, watch two movies, Father of the Bride 1 and 2.  It will help you understand what you're feeling at that moment.

 I love you,

 Grandpa Thorp