#6--Letter to my grandson about important days, including walking his mom down the aisle
#8--Letter to my grandson about jobs and how his uncle wanted to be Mickey Mouse

#7--Letter to my grandson about my favorite television show and about Veggie Tales


We watch Veggie Tales.
Do you remember when you and I watched Veggie Tales in Budapest, Hungary? That was fun.

 Dear Xavier,

What's your favorite television show?  Veggie Tales?  Remember when we watched them on DVD while we were in Budapest?

If you asked me about the show that I try to watch every week, I'd have to say Pawn Stars.  It's a reality

Posing outside Pawn Stars.
This summer grandma and I visited the store where the Pawn Stars television show is produced. It was a neat experience.
show that's produced in Las Vegas, the same city where you Uncle Justin and Aunt Lauren live.  The show is a record of what actually takes place.  It's based on reality.

Their business is a pawn shop where people come in and try to sell stuff.  Usually, it's stuff that they feel is really valuable.  It could be anything.  Old guns.  Swords.  Political campaign buttons and even old cars and motorcycles.  The pawn shop guy will ask how much the seller wants and then they start to bargain.  The seller wants a lot of money and the buyer wants to pay the least that he can.

And, while they are going back and forth with prices, the pawn shop guy usually gives a lot of history about the item.  It's a fun way to learn about stuff that happened in the past.

Television seems to play a big role in everybody's lives these days.  You can watch just about anything you want in a wide-variety of ways.

Radio was first for me

For the first seven or eight years of my life, my mom and I only had a big old radio.  I would sit beside it listening to cowboy shows where you could only hear voices and sounds.  It could get pretty exciting when I listened to the Lone Ranger who rode a horse named silver.  He had a sidekick named Tonto, an American Indian.  They would fight bad guys and they would always win.

 There was a police show on the radio called Dragnet that I loved listening to.  There were two police officers, one was Detective Joe Friday and they would solve crimes.  I'd be riveted to the radio during this time, listening to every word.

 During that time just about everybody listened to the radio for entertainment and information.  The church that I grew up in and where I met your Grandma Thorp had its service on the radio every week.  

 Does your family have a radio?  Have you ever listened to online radio through your computer?

 I love you,

 Grandpa Thorp