#3--Letter to my grandson about my wanting to be the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers
#5--Letter to my grandson about big trucks, gravel boats and my Bay City home

#4--Letter to my grandson how I dropped a spider in his mom's lap in church


This is you and me, right after you were born.
This is me holding you a short time after you were born.


Dear Xavier,

I will never forget the day that grandma and I were in church with your mom and Uncle Justin.  As the pastor was giving a sermon, I saw a big spider crawling on the pew.  I grabbed it and dropped it on your mom's lap.

I knew she didn't like spiders.  She hated them.  They scared her.  But, she didn't move a musle.  Her eyes got really big and she gave me "the look," like I couldn't believe that

Time for a swim.
Ask your mom how she feels about spiders. Does she like them?
you did that.  Grandma Thorp looked at me and shook her head.


The church has always been very important to our family, both to our immediate family-members and our extended one of aunts, uncles and cousins.  I grew up going to a big old church that also had a school that I attended and graduated from in eighth grade.

My mother and I went to church just about every Sunday.  It was really important to her.  I met Grandma Thorp at that church.

She also grew-up going to church.  It's where we both got to know Jesus.  One of the songs from those days that sticks in my memory is "Jesus Loves Me."

Ask your dad and mom about Jesus and why's important in their life.  He needs to be important in your life and your sister's.

When you start reading, and that won't be long, pull your Children's Bible off your bookshelf.  Read it by yourself and with your mom and dad.  Read it to your sister.  Most important, read it yourself and think about the words.  

Get to know Jesus.  He's real and he loves you and so do I.

I love you,  

Grandpa Thorp