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Could Nolan Finley of the Detroit News be right about Obama being the real problem in the budget fight?

It's almost impossible to have a discussion about the federal budget without blood pressures being raised.  But here are a couple of points made by Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley about the almost civil war we had over the partial closure of the federal government.

President Obama complained everyday about a small band of Republicans in the House being obstructionists who put their principles ahead of a functioning government.

Finley makes the point that budgets were passed during the tenure of Bill Clinton who had Newt Gingrich to deal with.  They detested each other.  But, they still passed budgets.

Are the problems, as Finley says a lack of executive leadership from Obama?  I know there's lots of blame to go around.  But, this deserves some serious discussion without the name-calling.