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How far would you travel to see your adult children and your grandchildren?

We are home from Bosnia, Croatia, Vienna and Germany

This picture was taken this past Monday when we left the Split, Croatia Airport. We can only thank God for a great family, great time and everything else. Matt Redman needs to change his 10,000 Reasons song. We had to add a few thousand more.

My brain is overflowing with details from our trip to see our daughter, Krista, and her husband, Adam in Bosnia.  There was so much.  I'm trying to gather my thoughts and share some of our adventure to Eastern Europe and to Germany.  
The words of Matt Redman's song, 10,000 Reasons, keep going through my head where he sings about all the reasons we have for thanking God.  I think I can safely add a couple thousand more.  In the top rank of things to praise God for is the fact that our son-in-law was found to be cancer free.  He was diagnosed with melanoma a couple of months ago.
In addition to having safe travels, we gained confidence in navigating German trains, Vienna subways and European highways.  Baby-boomers can travel and figure out the mysteries of areas where their language is not spoken.
I will share more about all this, but our grandkids were great.  To say that they were a delight is an understatement.