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Can a blog help you sort through the stages of your life?

This blog has been part of my life for more than nine years and I've used it to write more than 2,500 posts.  I started it on a whim as a place where I could do a brain dump on any topic that tickled by fancy.

In that period of time it has become a repository for my personal history.  I've written about transitioning from the work world to being retired.  I've written about my family, my wife, kids and grandkids.  There are posts about my late mother and about my wayward late father.  There are bits and pieces about a lot of different topics.

My blog platform is which was state of the art when I started almost a decade ago.  Since then, it has become rusty and archaic.  I've tried to transfer it to, but it didn't work.  Next month, my subscription to Typepad comes due.  Do I hold a funeral for this blog or do I keep it going?

As a member of the first class of baby-boomers, I'm nudging up to a whole host of issues that I haven't faced before.  Writing about them might be able to help me and to help others. What will I do?  I'd like to continue.  But, I'm not sure.