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I am a radically-flawed person

This is me in my office chair.

As I get ready to celebrate 68 years of life next year, I have been doing an inventory of my past six decades plus and I have come to some conclusions.  I see more clearly that I am a radically-flawed person and that I can't do anything about it.

This flawed nature has affected every part of my life.  I knew this before, but I have been slow in understanding what this has meant for me and where I have put my priorities.  With way more life behind me than ahead, I see this more clearly than ever.

What's the answer?  I have been saved from myself and next year, I want God's help to reflect back to others the love I have been given.

The video below if from my church and its service yesterday.  It's the whole service.  Check the sermon which is a clear explanation of where my hope comes from.  I just want to share it with others who looking.   To get to the start of the service, move the slider beyond the first six minutes of slides.