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Live-blogging tonight's Lansing City Council Special meeting on Board of Water & Light Ice Storm Response

LANSING ICE STORM: How many of you didn't get to use your Christmas napkins?

We are putting these away until this summer.

Just a simple question:  How many of you in the Lansing ice storm area got to use your Christmas napkins this year?  My wife found a pack of our special napkins for that special dinner with our special kids-our son and his wife--who were here visiting for four days. 

 Lauren and Justin
My son Justin and my daughter-in-law Lauren

They flew in from Las Vegas where they live after flying through Minneapolis and then here.  They were greeting at Capital City Airport by a semlance of normalcy and then saw a darkened and damaged city when leaving.  Before getting to our cold house, we took them to the Dispatch Tavern on Old Lansing Road for a late supper.


Rather than a warm bedroom, they slept on the floor of the living room on top of  a pad made with blankets with a layer of quilts on top of them.  The next two nights were a blur of motels in Jackson and Ionia.  More restaurants. We had an exchange of gifts in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve Day.

But we missed the big dinner at our home.  It was just too cold.  Ever since the kids were little, we had special Christmas napkins.  Not this year.  The pack is unopened.  Maybe we will have a redo this summer with another Christmas celebration when everybody is home.