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Remember Hurricane Sandy last year along part of the Atlantic Coast that hit the state of New Jersey particularly hard?  That was brutal.  Lots of people either lost their homes or were chased out of them for an extended period of time.

Chris christie
Gov. Chris Christie

Bring in New Jersey's Gov. Chris Christie who is brash, outspoken and can be perceived as being very self-righteous.  He was on the frontlines of officials going into neighborhoods, listening to people, encouraging them, giving answers and pointing people in directions for help.

When President Obama came to the area, Gov. Christie was right by his side and introduced him to the people and their experiences.

Now fast forward to Lansing and what happened this past week and there was no evidence of Gov. Rick Snyder providing leadership to people affected by a very dramatic and brutal storm where people are still being affected.

Does anybody who lived through the last week feel like he should have been there in a show of support for Lansing and the nearby area?  Snyder's staff may respond that the situation wasn't serious enough.  Just ask the people who lived through it and those who are still without power.

I would like to hear Snyder talk honestly and transparently about his apparent lack of public response.  Anybody else feel the same way?