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What can I learn from author Shauna Niequist about the way I live my life?

I first heard Shauna Niequist's name in a sermon a few years ago where our pastor quoted from one of her books.  I was intrigued, but didn't explore further who she was until a few weeks ago.  I found her blog, a few of her presentations on YouTube and read excerpts from one of her books.

In this video where she shares during a chapel at her alma mater Westmont College, she talks frankly about her struggles and how God has and is working in her life.  She has a story that kept my attention.

She emphasizes that everybody has a story about their walk with God and how He took their brokenness and made them whole.  These stories need to be shared with others, she adds, to show how God changes people.

There's a lot of digest here.  It would be too easy to say that at age 67, I've learned all I can learn.  But I haven't.  This video made me realize that learning is lifelong.