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Would you sleep with this Duck Dynasty "Phil Robertson" pillow on your bed?

Would you want a Duck Dynasty pillow for Christmas?

Super-wife and I were shopping for groceries at our local Meijers where you can buy just about anything, in addition to food.  On the way to check-out today, we walked through the aisles to get a new kitchen waste basket.

As we passed through shelves of pillows, that's when I saw this big pillow with the Duck Dynasty guys, including the "daddy duck" Phil Robertson.  He's been the center of controversy that's consumed media attention that's usually reserved for a crisis in the Middle East.

Because of the new attention to these guys and their reality show on A&E, I stopped to look at the pillow.  Take a good look.  Is this something you would put on your bed.  If these guys came to our door, I'd probably have my phone in my hand to call for police help.

I've never watched their show, but now I feel I have to.  Perhaps Robertson will end up becoming a candidate for president for either party.  I need to get up-to-speed.

But there might be another explanation for all the hub bub.  A&E has always been a cable channel on the margins.  This show has been really popular.  With the increased attention to it, the audience has to increase geometrically.  The show can then charge big bucks for its commercials.

Too cynical?  I would have never noticed the pillow before.  Now I took time to look at it and I'll for sure have to watch the show.

How about you?  You going to watch?  Do you already watch it?  Why?