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I wonder if they'll serve Rice Krispie Treats in heaven


Rice krispie treats
Gladys posted this picture on Instagram today. She made Rice Krispie Treats.

My wife knows that I like everything she cooks, the meat loaf, all the veggies, the hot dogs, the Boca Burgers, the Black Bean burgers and a long list of other gems.  Today, she made one of my all time favorites, Rice Krispie Treats.  

I love their taste, the cruch and their smell.  She started making them when our kids were really small. They loved them and eating them was always an occasion.

When we watch the Rose Bowl tonight, we will have a Rice Krispie Treat when we watch Michigan State University play in the big game.  We have even found a wine to go with them, Great Lakes Red.

You still have time to make them before the game.  Use this link for a how-to.