Super-wife and I have enrolled in the "school of contentment"
They must think that I need to start planning my funeral?

I'm saving song about the Third Street Bridge in Bay City for my grandkids

I was born and raised in Bay City, Michigan, a small town at the bottom of the Saginaw Bay which leads to Lake Huron.  My memories from there center around the Saginaw River and all the bridges that crossed it.

As a kid I grew up just down the street from the really old two lane Belinda Street Bridge.  It was a place for new drivers to sharpen their precision steering skills, especially during the winter.

The other swinging bridge was the Thrid Street Bridge, a little farther up the river, which fell into the river one day all by itself during a time when no people or cars were on it.

A Facebook friend found and shared this ballad to the Thrid Street Bridge.  The song tells the story.   Anybody who has crossed this bridge, it will bring back meories.  It's a touchpoint to the past.