What I'm reading today, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014
Super-wife and I have enrolled in the "school of contentment"

This afternoon's power outage in Lansing, Michigan gave me an adrenaline rush that I hadn't asked for


This is my phone being recharged this afternoon.


I was on Facebook this afternoon for a few minutes when I saw the first post  that the Lansing Police Department was scurrying to respond to a power outage in several key areas of the State Capital city.  It read like a repeat of the power outage during Christmas week where many people suffered through more than a week of darkness and cold.

My first reaction was "oh crap, it's happening again."  Without word from the Lansing Board of Water and Light, our local utility, there's no sense of how wide the problem is or how long it will last.  

It's a bad feeling to wonder if our water pipes could take another session of freezing temperatures and whether we could find a place to stay if we lost power.  

My first instinct was to go for my phone and other devices to make sure that they had a charge.  This proved really important a few weeks ago.  Then we went to a coffee shop to find news and to check and send emails.  

Today, while this was happening, word about this flowed through Facebook with friends reporting about what they were experiencing or what they had heard.  That helped.

Apparently, people are having their power restored.  I'm not ready for this to happen again.

There needs to be a full explanation from Mayor Virg Bernero on down to explain to the people what happened and how it can be prevented.  Many might agree that it's time for changes to be made at the top levels of management for those who were decision-makers.