LANSING ICE STORM: Watch and share this video of Board of Water & Light communications director
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Would the city of Lansing, Michigan be ready for a major snow blizzard this year?


Snowblowing my driveway during a 2005 snowstorm.
Lansing has gotten major snowstorms like this one in 2005 where mobility was almost impossible.

 My wife raised the question while we were sitting on our couch talking about the recent ice storm in the Lansing and Mid-Michigan area.  We are thankful that we had mobility where we could go to coffeeshops, restaurants and motels.  

We could tend to our house during the day with occasional forays for errands or just to get warm.  But, then we started thinking about what still could come this year--a major snow blizzard where all movement stops and where power could be lost too.  These do happen every few years in our part of the state and if you're not prepared, then you're in trouble.

I raise this question after reading the story about the final release of the Lansing Board of Water & Lights emergency plan.  At first, they said, it didn't exist, then they said it did and refused to release it and now after a lot of pressure, they released it.

After reading this mLive story, I'm concerned about future weather disasters in the city.  The BW&L plan looks like it was put together a few years ago while executives were talking at lunch.  I'm not impressed that they're on the top of their game or even in it.

Are you ready for the next big snowstorm?  Another power outage?  For no mobility either by foot or by car?

I'm not sure the city of Lansing is ready?  Should the questions be asked before it happens?