They must think that I need to start planning my funeral?
The extra piece--a meningioma tumor--in my brain hasn't grown

Spending time with my family around the dinner table today

We spent an hour today around the dinner table with four members of our family.  Instead of sitting in chairs, they were on our computer where we had a Face Time visit with our Apple computers.  Does this work when face-to-face in the skin visits are not possible?  

Is this a viable alternative for baby-boomer grandparents like ourselves who have family living in another state or country?  Can you fill that part of your heart where you really want to see your children and grandchildren?

I would recommend it for grandparents with kids who live in other states or countries.  It's actually pretty easy technically.

Here's some pictures from our visit today with our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids this morning.


Talking with our kids using Apple Face Time
This is a picture of our computer on our kitchen table taken during a conversation with our daughter in Eastern Europe. Standing next to her is our granddaughter.




My daughter and granddaughter
My daughter and her daughter during our Face Time conversation this morning.


This shows that Face Time is a real gift to grandparents.
My grandson and granddaughter like to snack on rice cakes. I saw my granddaughter eat her first cereal over Face Time.


Face Time works to help keep families together.
My daughter and son-in-law during our conversation this morning